Why Your Secure Chat App Needs Encryption and Privatization

Is your mobile data secure because it’s encrypted? Unfortunately, security is more than
just encryption. Find out why your data might be at risk and how you can solve it.

There is a common misconception in technology regarding security, encryption and
privatization. Often these are used as synonyms yet they are anything but.

Many believe that encryption automatically means private -- unfortunately, that just
isn’t the case. While mobile application giants, such as WhatsApp, say they’re fully
encrypted, they technically aren’t keeping your data secure. Shocking to some,
WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. This means Facebook actually owns your mobile data,
giving them rights to do whatever they want with it, as well as making them a target for
hackers. This is why it’s beneficial to make sure your mobile communications are both
encrypted and privatized.

Encryption and privatization are equally important, as you want your sensitive business
data and customer data to remain private on your own servers. This is especially true in
the finance industry, where a breach of your data could destroy your organization’s
reputation and harm your clients.


Security is More than Just Encryption

The problem with encryption is that it doesn’t necessarily mean your data is fully secured. In layman’s terms, if a mobile chat app is encrypted, your data could still technically reside elsewhere (e.g. Facebook’s servers). This exposes you to the threats of data breaches that could be costly and harmful to your organization. It also opens the doors to a whole other set of concerns, such as the loss of customers, future customers, non-compliance penalties, brand integrity and more.


Encrypted, Privatized & Secure Chat App

Mobilearth has delivered mobile banking, virtual branch banking and secure communication mobile applications to the finance industry for more than 12 years. With decades of experience in the banking and the financial industry we have lived how important security, confidentiality and privatization is to financial organizations.

The alarming availability of confidential client data on non-privatized platforms led us to develop our latest encrypted and privatized secure chat app, MobiTeems.

MobiTeems gives your team the flexibility to stay connected from anywhere while keeping your confidential data safe on your own server or a private hosted server. It eliminates the risk associated with your data belonging to someone else, thus landing in the hands of unintended audiences.


Why MobiConnect?

The mobile first revolution is upon on us, and as more technologies move to mobile interfaces, more organizations are adopting it. The way we do business is changing. Work isn’t confined to a desk and four walls; employees can now conduct business on the go.

Due to the mobile nature of today’s workforce, it’s necessary to provide employees with the tools they need to communicate and access information from wherever they may be, all while making sure data security is of the highest priority. Having a secure chat app, like MobiConnect, not only eliminates any risk of data breach, it allows your employees to be productive from anywhere while giving you peace of mind.

Privatization for global secure chat security

In addition to secure chat, MobiConnect provides the ability to access documents, capture prospect information, track employees with geolocation and fully personalize your app with your organizations branding. Learn more about MobiConnect with our encrypted, privatized and secure chat app MobiConnect feature sheet:

The Power of Secure Chat

Ultimately, ensuring your sensitive business data and client data remains private is the most important responsibility your organization has, along with providing your employees with the tools they need to communicate. Using a secure chat app, like MobiConnect, helps you achieve this while keeping all your sensitive data in your own hands.

Secure Chat for your employee communications with MobiConnect App

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