Mobilearth unleashes full Omni-Channel Banking with ECAB

Burnaby, BC Canada – August 21st, 2018

Mobilearth is pleased to announce Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank has gone live with the Mobilearth product MobiBranch for their wire transfers.   Customers now have the convenience of creating wire orders from both their mobile banking apps and their internet banking web browser.

“The Wire Order functionality expands on the mobile banking platform, increases operational efficiency while reducing the need for branch visits and/or phone calls by our customers,” states Sophie Thomas-Durand, Chief Information Systems Officer for Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank.

MobiBranch lets bank customers transact digitally and replaces the time consuming process of physical branch visits. A financial institution running MobiBranch saves time and money by switching from existing manual processes to digital paperless processes that are seamless between customers’ needs and employees providing support.


“Financial institutions that pride themselves on service excellence want to give their customers not only a great user experience but also a plethora of functionality so customers can take care of their banking when it’s convenient to them,” states Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth. “MobiBranch is the next level of service to give financial institutions the tools they need to excel and offer their customers the best experience possible.”

About Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank

Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited (ECAB) is a full-service commercial bank located in Antigua and Barbuda offering banking products and services to individual and business clients within Antigua and Barbuda, across the region and beyond. Learn more at https://www.ecabank.com/

About Mobilearth

Mobilearth provides an omni-channel mobile app experience for financial institution employees and customers; giving them an unparalleled level of mobility to remove location restraints while streamlining branch processes and providing a unified user experience on both side of the counter. It’s banking app-ified.

Media Contact:

Tia Lee
Phone: 604.773.9861
Email: info@mobilearth.com

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