MobiConnect – Secure and Private Chat for Mobile Communication.

67% of companies claim it is certain or likely a mobile data breach has occurred. MobiConnect is an encrypted chat application that secures your confidential mobile data as your workforce becomes more mobile and your need for mobile communication expands. MobiConnect  runs in-house or on private cloud server.

Why Secure Chat for Mobile Communications? 

As you enable your employees to stay connected and communicate through smartphones and tablets you are also exposing yourself to considerable risks, such as: who has access to your confidential data?  And, where does your confidential mobile data reside? 

Let’s play a little game of who owns it (as in your mobile data)!

Secure Communications Text Messages through Phone Carriers
Secure Communications WhatsApp through Facebook
Secure Communications Hangouts to Google
Secure Communications iMessenger through Apple

In today’s Digital Economy we are all aware that Big Data equals Big Business. This is how the Tech Giants remain gigantic (e.g. Google, FaceBook, etc.).  The problem with our mobile data being captured and monetized goes well beyond the discomfort of knowing our sensitive data resides with someone else. This also exposes us to the threats of data breaches that can cost our business directly but also indirectly in loss of customers, future customers, non-compliance penalties, brand integrity…the list goes on.

Rethink the ostrich approach to securing your mobile data.  In this digital age your employees are communicating and conducting business through their mobile devices.  Give your team the tools they need to remain productive and connected outside the office while keeping your confidential information secure and private on your own server or private hosted server with MobiConnect.

Encrypted Chat App to Secure Mobile Communications

MobiConnect enables your employees to stay connected while keeping your confidential business data protected with secure chat and more. See how!

Mobile Encrypted Chat - Secure Communications

Mobile Encrypted Chat
Get secure and private; enable employees to send encrypted messages including sensitive customer information. Retain private employee conversations on your secure server, not in text messages or public chat applications. 

Mobile Employee Locator - Secure Communications

Mobile Employee Locator
Keep employees safe while on the move. With safety being your number one priority, geolocation tracks your employees to provide instant location details to ensure safety and productivity.

Multi Factor Security - Secure Communications

Multi-Factor Security
Stay secure with end-to-end network encryption and multi-factor authentication. MobiConnect puts your security worries to rest with digital certificates, geolocations, audit trails and reports

Document Management Vault - Secure Communications

Document Management Vault
Go paperless by sharing, updating and managing all documents within your encrypted app to deliver employees the most up-to-date version wherever they roam.

Mobile Prospect Database - Secure Communications

Mobile Prospect Database
Capture prospect information from any location to keep contact information secure and ready for ongoing and open communication.

Personalize Mobile Experience - Secure Communications

Personalize the Mobile Experience
Provide a consistent experience by branding your encrypted chat app with logos and brand indentity to make your mobile communications as familiar as your in-person interactions.

How does MobiConnect secure chat work?

MobiConnect enables your team to stay connected wherever they roam while keeping your confidential data safe on your own server.  

Let’s say your employee is out in the field connecting with customers.  Bringing a tablet or a smartphone, your employee can stay connected with the office and other employees using the encrypted chat app to send secure chat messages and/or emails, while also being able to look up the best available resource to answer a question in the Mobile Employee Directory. You can also keep tabs on your mobile employee’s location as you are able to geolocation track the employee via mobile device for safety and accountability with the Mobile Employee Locator feature. 

See how your employees stay connected while protecting your data with this simple topographic architecture: 

Secure Server Chat Messaging - Secure Communications

Solve Your Mobile Communications Dilemma

The MobiConnect encrypted chat app empowers your employees to connect and communicate to stay productive both in and out of the office with secure chat, mobile employee directory, mobile employee locator, document vault/viewer and mobile prospect database.

According to a Ponemon Institute Study of Global 2000 companies, 67% of those surveyed said it certain or likely their organization had experienced a data breach as a result of employees using mobile devices. Further, this study also identified an increasing number of employees have access to sensitive, confidential business data via mobile device to a much greater degree than their IT department realizes.  

MobiConnect empowers employees to stay connected and informed without jeopardizing your data security with encryption, privatization and multi-factor authentication.

MobiConnect Apps - Secure Employee Communications

MobiConnect enables you to: 

Avoid Data Breach Costs. Eliminate the risk of exposing your confidential business data through mobile devices, which can cost your business in immediate revenue and long-term revenue impacts for years to come

Increase Employee Efficiency. Give employees access to the resources they have available in the office while working remotely, including communicating through secure chat to increase employee efficiency.

Go Paperless. Make your company documents and marketing materials virtual and easy to update while foregoing ongoing printing costs. 

Lessen Physical Location Needs. Get your employees mobile to assist customers while lessening your hefty overhead and operating costs.

Bypass Sunk Costs of Software Development. If considering a self-built mobile communication platform, eliminate upfront and ongoing cost of developing your secure chat app with MobiConnect, an established software platform from a +12 years mobile application development company, Mobilearth.

Empower Customers with Customer Self-Service

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Learn more about our comprehensive omni-channel mobile banking experience to offer a virtual banking solution that many of your busy clients demand in this 24/7 available marketplace.

Secure Chat Apps - Secure Employee Communications

Secure Chat from Mobilearth

MobiConnect, is an encrypted chat app that keeps your mobile data and communications safe on your own server, or private hosted-server, from Mobilearth. Mobilearth has been providing mobile solutions to organizations worldwide since 2005. 

Mobilearth offers cutting-edge technology in our mobile solutions featuring apps, mobile browsers, text (SMS) and online ebanking (PC and laptop).  Our award -winning technology offers institutions a powerful omni-channel solution to its customers. 


The future is mobile. Stay ahead of the competition and give your customers innovative digital services from a leader in mobile solutions, Mobilearth. Contact us at (604) 451 5500 or to see a LIVE demo of MobiConnect and our complete mobile omni-channel solution today!