MobiBank – Your Digital Banking Solution.

Did you know your physical branch transactions are costing you up to 5000% more than your mobile banking transactions?

MobiBank delivers the self-service eBanking your customers demand with access to branch services at any time, from anywhere, to individually bank on their own schedule regardless of branch hours. Not only are you meeting and exceeding customer demand with this mobile banking solution, you are also reducing your costs with less reliance on your physical branch and customer service staff.

MobiBank Self Serve Digital Banking

Unbranch and Mobilize.

Unbranch Self Service Mobile Banking

eBanking is on the rise. Finding ways to connect with your customers is more important with generations that have a disinterest in physical banking (e.g. Millenials) and the non-9 to 5 crowd that are not able to adapt to traditional banking hours.

Our mobile banking solution, MobiBank, delivers traditional branch services to your customers via mobile banking app to enable customer to self-service whenever and however it works with their schedules. MobiBank expands your services, your customer reach and your branch reach.


Secure Customer Self-Service Digital Banking.

MobiBank enables your customers to self-service traditional physical branch services via their mobile devices to help you stay connected with yourcustomers no matter their schedule or location. See how!

Self-Service Customer Portal

Self-Service Customer Portal
Grant customers mobile banking access to new accounts, account balances, pay bills, transaction history, customer contracts and agreements, …

Digital Identity Verification

Digital Identity Verification
Confirm new customers and new accounts identity digitally via mobile banking app with digital signatures, ID scanning, pay stub verification and more.

eBanking Credit Check Verification

eBanking Credit Check Verification
Access real-time credit check verification with integration to credit bureaus for instant approval or rejections of loan applications.

Multi-Factor Security

Multi-Factor Security
Secure mobile banking access with mult-factor authentication with customizable logins, end-to- end data encryption, digital certificates, inactivity time outs, maximum posting limits, login disablement and more.

Self-Service Customer Toolbox

Self-Service Customer Toolbox
Enable customers with self-service financial tools such as mortgage calculators, rate charts and detailed service brochures to aid in better self-service.

Pre-Filled Online Customer Forms

Pre-Filled Online Customer Forms
Make customer onboarding simple with pre-filled online customer forms that inputs the available customer data to make each new account opening and service request easier for your customers to self-service.

Automated Form Workflow Routing

Automated Form Workflow Routing
Route completed application forms
automatically with automated workflows that get the application to the designated approver quickly for faster customer self-service.

Bank Core Integration

Bank Core Integration
Integrate directly to your core banking
system with Mobibank secure mobile
banking application through a variety of methods to ensure single point of mobile banking entry for customers to all services.

Customizable eBanking App

Customizable eBanking App
Deliver a consistent customer experience by customizing your mobile banking solution app with your logos, custom forms and documents to make mobile banking as familiar as in-branch banking.

How MobiBank Works

Mobibank Apps for Self Serve Mobile Banking

MobiBank enables your customers to access many of the same services they would use in your branch. By providing a mobile banking solution your customers can access banking from anywhere, at any time, as it fits with their schedules. Essentially, this means your branch is available 24/7, which provides you with endless opportunity to expand your location reach and service reach.

Using a smartphone or tablet, your retail and/or business customer can download the Self-Service MobiBank mobile banking application by Mobilearth from the App Store or Google Play Store to start their self-service registration to your MobiBank mobile banking application. Once registered your customer will have access to their account balance, transaction history, bill pay, new account openings, customer contracts/agreements and service requests.


Here’s how it works: Timothy, your branch client and local business owner downloads MobiBank, your mobile banking application, from the App Store. After the mobile banking solution is downloaded to Timothy’s smartphone, he self-registers on the application to access his bank accounts through multi-factor authentication and end-to- end encryption security.

eSignature Mobile Banking Apps MobiBank

Once Timothy is logged into your MobiBank mobile banking solution he then checks his account balance and schedules a remittance payment for his corporate taxes that are due at the end of the month. After that, Timothy submits a request to increase his business line of credit for an upcoming large inventory purchase he must make to fulfill a purchase order he just received this week.

Timothy’s business credit line increase request is then automatically routed to your Business Services Department at your branch for review where they may approve the request, schedule an appointment with Timothy to discuss the request, send a message to Timothy requesting further verification documents or reject the request, all within your MobiBank mobile banking application.

From an eBanking perspective, here is how Timothy has interacted with your branch accessing a number of services virtually through MobiBank.

digital banking services.jpg

Go Mobile with Customer Self-Service Mobile Banking

Self-Service Mobile banking App

The MobiBank eBanking application increases product and service opportunities, reduces costs and empowers customers to self-service. We like to call that being a SmartBranch.

According to Meny Grauman, an analyst at Cormark Securities, a transaction at a bank branch costs the institution about 50 times what a mobile banking transaction costs. If banks cut their branch footprint by just 10% – through either closures or
smaller formats – the savings in rent, salaries and equipment would drive up their annual earnings by an average of 2.7%.

MobiBank enables customers to access the services they need when they need it. This mobile banking solution allows you and your customers to break free from branch location and service hour constraints.


Self-Service MobiBank enables you to:

Reduce Your Banking footprint with Mobile Banking Mobibank

Go Paperless. Deliver customer onboarding and new account opening online to eliminate the paper pushing manual labor of in-branch customer account service.

Lessen Physical Branch Needs. Empower your customers to self-serve with MobiBank mobile banking application to lessen physical branch needs and extend your reach and service hours.

Reduce Labor Costs. Enable customers to securely access and complete forms on the mobile banking application instead of going to the branch to reduce your labor costs and extend your branch.

Increase Efficiency: Simplify account onboarding to reduce time, friction and errors with mobile banking application forms to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy and streamline processes.

Avoid Sunk Costs in Software Development. Reduce the large upfront and ongoing cost of developing your own mobile banking solution with MobiBank, an established software platform from a +12 years mobile banking application development company, Mobilearth.

Your Omni-Channel Mobile Banking & Virtual Branch Solution

Omni Channel Mobile Banking and Virtual Branch

Technology now interfaces with nearly every customer-branch transaction. Customers demand the latest technology with access to services 24/7. Beyond enabling mobile banking with MobiBank, you can mobilize your branch and your workforce with MobiBranch, virtual branch application.

MobiBank (mobile banking app) paired with MobiBranch (virtual branch app) delivers an omni-channel customer experience that allows you to service customers from anywhere, at any time. MobiBranch extends your branch’s reach by empowering your employees to bring branch services with them wherever they may service clients. The seamless integration
between MobiBank and MobiBranch makes mobile loan applications, mobile customer service and many other mobile branch services as easy as sitting across the table from your favorite customers.

To compete in today’s marketplace you must deliver an omni-channel branch-customer relationship that spans location and time. Those who do not make this digital transformation will be replaced with another financial institution that can.

For your branch, MobiBank, self-service mobile banking app, paired with MobiBranch, virtual branch app, delivers the best of both worlds. Your customers benefit from the flexibility and convenience of the mobile banking while your employees can deliver in-branch services directly to your customers’ doors.

eBanking from Mobilearth

eBanking Secure Self Service Mobile Banking

MobiBank, a full-service mobile banking solution integrated with your core banking system from Mobilearth. Mobilearth has been providing mobile banking solutions to financial institutions worldwide since 2005.

Mobilearth offers cutting-edge technology in our mobile banking solution featuring apps, mobile browsers, text (SMS) and online ebanking (PC and laptop). Our award -winning technology offers financial institutions a powerful omni-channel solution to its customers.

The future of banking is mobile. Stay ahead of the competition and give your customers innovative digital banking services from a leader in mobile banking, Mobilearth. Contact us at (604) 451 5500 or to see a LIVE demo of MobiBank and our omni-channel mobile banking solution today!