Infinite Branch

Improve Productivity in Branches and Create Mini Branches Anywhere

Instead of being constrained to the traditional five-mile radius around any particular branch, your reach is only limited by how far your employees can travel to reach out to new and existing customers wherever they live, work, and play.

Create your own Mini Branch in many locations in your community. A couple of employees with tablets can provide all of the branch services your customers require.

In the Branch

Works in the branch on desktops and tablets. Help your customers in the line up by freeing your employees from their desk. 

Improve branch productivity and efficiency with time savings of 50% and more filling out forms.

Mini Branch Anywhere

Expand your branch and brand into your community. Reach your customers where they are.

Setup Mini Branches in multiple locations with a few employees and perform all of the branch transactions your customers are used to.

Improve Service
  • Mini Branches and staff mobility mean more location choices for customers
  • Increase new customers and simplify onboarding
  • Expand Branch Reach and make your existing branches more productive



Onboard new clients and help existing ones apply for new products with the full-featured application. The application can be started on a tablet and completed later from a personal computer, or sent back to the tablet; giving employees the ultimate convenience in completing the account-opening process.


Use the Prospects form to obtain basic information, including name, address, and contact information, as well as images. Prospect information can be uploaded to the server and printed out or viewed on-screen to create leads for Financial Institutions.


Branch Forms

Custom and default forms follow a similar flow to a full application. Forms include, but are not limited to, BOA (Balance of Account) Transfer, Pre-Authorized Transfers, Member Card Signup, Direct Deposit, and more. If your financial institution has a specific form that you would like to be accessible through MobiBranch, we will gladly work on adding it for you.



Branch Materials

Employees can upload the latest marketing materials, and other documentation to the MobiBranch server. The branch material is easily distributed from the central server to mobile employee tablets. Documents can be shared with members in person on the tablet or emailed directly to the member.

Go Paperless

MobiBranch applications and forms are digital. Your financial institution will be able to significantly reduce its use of paper and reduce the costs of printing, copying, shredding, recycling, the maintaining the printer hardware.

The paperless advantage offered by MobiBranch isn’t just on the outside. Leverage your in-branch computers by using MobiBranch’s QR code scanner built in to the smartphone and tablet apps. Clients who come in to the branch for their banking can sign everything digitally, further reducing paper use and promoting your institution as an environmentally-conscious business.


Self-Signup Portal

New and existing clients can apply for products themselves using the Self-Signup Portal. Financial institutions can link to the portal on their website and allow for signup through Social Media. The self- signup applications are generated as prospects and automatically routed to a pre-selected employee for follow up with the client at a convenient time.

Credit Checks

Integration to our credit check provider will enable a mobile employee to obtain an instant credit scores while completing an application with a member.

Mobile Payments

Take payments from an applicant directly from the tablet. This can be used for charity drives and other fundraising events, where a payment will also create a prospect for future followup, or for simply obtaining deposits on account applications or initial shares deposits.


Digital Pictures and Signatures

From the tablet and smartphone apps, or from a personal computer using the QR code scanner, applicant photos can be obtained, along with photos of supporting material. These photos can be used for applicant identification, verification of identity (pictures of their driver’s license, passport, or other form of identification), security purposes (proof of payment), or to support an application with additional information (pay stubs, property titles, etc.).

Signatures are completely digital on the application, and the signature forensics feature tracks the signature’s location, date and time, and the path of the signature, along with a checksum validation to ensure the signature was not altered.



Administration users can enter sales advice or generation information that will be available to all employees working on the tablet. This information can be set to appear as general information across all forms and applications or to a specific form or page within an application. Administrators can use this to ensure employees are aware of the latest promotions or products offered by the credit union or to communicate any other important information their employees need to know about the products being offered.

Member Content Available to all Employees on all Channels

Member forms and applications are available on tablets for employee mobility and desktop PCs for branch use. Content is seamlessly transferred between mobile and desktops.

Automated Routing

MobiBanch automates routing of member documents between employees to speed up audit and approval processes. More efficiency in routing means faster response times in completing member requests.




The Collaborate module allows employees to:
   •  Send and receive messages with other employees over a secure encrypted channel
   •  Send photos of documents for further clarification.
   •  Send their current location (exact GPS coordinates)

This module is also available as a smartphone app with push notifications so employees are always able to contact their supervisors  or managers while on the road.

The data for all conversations stays on the financial institution’s servers and the channel is secure, giving employees to tools they need to be on the road but still have access to the expertise at the branch.


Global Notes

While each page of an application has its own notes, users are also able to mark down notes that may not pertain to a specific area, or that may be used for info later on in the application process. These notes will stay where they are through the whole application process and can be accessed through the tablet app or the Web portal. The notes can then be exported as a PDF document for review outside of the application.

OFAC Check

An option built in to the tablet app to allow an SDN search that complies with US requirements for financial institution applications.


Built-in calculators to assist clients in determining the right amount for a loan or mortgage.




MobiBranch keeps detailed statistical reports for Applications and Forms. This includes number of new members, number of loans originated, value of loans originated. Statistic information is laid out clearly and allows the Institution to choose the date, and generate a downloadable and printable PDF for recording purposes.


An Administration dashboard allows employees to quickly and easily complete service requests and simplify call center integration.

Application Disclosure

The Application Disclosure can be modified and is displayed to users before applications are signed.


Server side API and Schema/XML

MobiBranch keeps detailed statistical reports for Applications and Forms. This includes number of new members, number of loans originated, value of loans originated. Statistic information is laid out clearly and allows the Institution to choose the date, and generate a downloadable and printable PDF for recording purposes.


The MobiBranch application is built with security a primary concern. Security features include:
   •  An encrypted database
   •  End to end network encryption
   •  Built in multi-factor authentication
   •  Audit trails and reports
   •  Use of Digital Certificates
   •  E-signature forensics


Next-level omni-channel banking experience

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