Customer Centric

Mobilearth's innovative solution delivers a seamless KYC process that will automate and optimize the onboarding and fulfillment process for your retail and business customers.

Remove location constraints. 

Self Registration

Mobile Apps that are simple to use result in an intuitive banking experience for customers.

With integration to employee and branch digital channels, help is available to the customer at any time.

OnBoarding new Accounts

Customers can complete all of the necessary forms for any type of onboarding application and provide relevant images using the mobile device camera for ID, pay stubs or other documentation.  

Digital signatures are accepted right on the mobile device for digital contracts and agreements 

  • Increase product and service opportunities
  • Mobilize employees and branches
  • Customer convenience



Our mobile banking application is accessible via a variety of channels, and offers a consistent experience to the end user. Here are some of the channels we support:

  • Text (SMS)
  • iPhone, iPads (iOS)
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Mobile Browser
  • Web Browser (Desktops and laptops)

Integration to the Core

Integration to the core banking system is done through a variety of methods as required. Multiple interfaces allow the end user to pay bills, view credit card information or look at account balances and history without the need to sign into multiple sites.


Security is a primary concern with Mobilearth. The following are some security features within the Mobilearth system:

  • Digital certificates that ensure end to end encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication that is customizable for logins
  • Data encryption measures that exceeds internet protocol for all data transmissions
  • We can disable mobile login or text in the event a device is stolen
  • The amount of information that can be retrieved by text is limited
  • Time limits for inactivity are set for both mobile and web
  • Financial institutions can set transaction posting limits for transfers, bill and buddy payments.


These are some of the features of the Mobilearth system:

  • Balance inquiry by account type
  • Balance Inquiry by individual account
  • History inquiry by account type
  • History inquiry by individual account
  • Configurable limitations on the number of texts a customer can send daily
  • Configurable ability to contact customer service by email on certain text commands
  • Transfers
  • Bill Payment
  • Buddy payments (P2P payments)
  • Allow non-customers to text for bank information
  • Custom text campaigns
  • Multi-lingual responses
  • Predictive text inquiries
  • Opt out features for marketing text
  • Text activity logs
  • Branch, ATM locator (using GPS)
  • News Ticker updates
  • View Check Images
  • View Payment history
  • Cash orders
  • Check orders
  • Email Statements
  • Report lost or stolen debit or credit cards
  • Change of address for debit or credit cards
  • Transaction alerts by account type/number
  • System generated alerts by account number/type
  • Stop Payment Creation/History
  • Change password
  • Change mobile network
  • Change email addresses
  • Change Time Zone location
  • Change alert delivery methods
  • Control text message status
  • Terms and Conditions display
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • No caching of session details
  • Self registration
  • Responsive Design
  • Portal page - real time updates for marketing and news
  • Transaction Analytics
  • Budgeting
  • Account View Preferences
  • Local/international Draft orders
  • Service Charge processing for local/international draft orders
  • Ability to monitor alerts in alert log
  • Resend failed alerts, delete pending alerts
  • Send an email/text alert to an individual or group for marketing (Marketing blasts)
  • View customer activity in real time
  • View and update customer accounts
  • Set individual posting limits to override system wide settings for :
  1. Transfers made online and via text
  2. Bill payments made online and via text
  3. Buddy payments made online and via text
  • Download and setup payroll files, groups and batches for customer
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum passwords lengths for customers and password
  • retry attempt limits before suspending user
  • Ability to limit customer from reusing old passwords
  • Create, and manage new employees through administration and control their access via user roles and permissions
  • Ability to create custom reports
  • Add marketing banners in real time, which updates for different pages..
  • Ability to modify the view (colors, logos and icons) for online and mobile banking

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