Hello World. The Mobilearth Blog is Live.

Thanks for tuning in this week.  We have a lot to talk about so expect regular posts on the new banking technologies we are passionate about.

Technology for Financial Services is changing fast.  Things that were distant dreams for the innovators are now main stream and we couldn’t be happier. The banking sector has not been at the forefront of the technology boom but times are changing.  Many financial institutions have a tough time embracing new technology because much of it will end up replacing old branch processes that have been in place for years.  People resist change.  But life is becoming more mobile than ever.  Smart phones are giving staff and customers more freedom than ever. Freedom means allowing staff to seamlessly work in the branch or mobile.  This leads to improved convenience and better customer service. 

So we’ll be blogging about Mobilearth products and how they can make improve your customer journey and give your staff the tools they needs to excel at customer service in the digital age.